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UGC frames guidelines to start courses on Indian heritage to attract foreign students

UGC guidelines allow students to earn and store credits through academic bank of credits and receive certificates in digital form through the NAD.

To sell the wealthy cultural historical past of India, University Grants Commission has directed universities to provide certificates publications primarily based totally on Indian historical past and way of life. The publications, as in step with the UGC recommendations launched on Wednesday, can be brief time period multi-tier credit score primarily based totally modular programmes with more than one access and go out primarily based totally on Indian historical past and way of life to sell the hobby of human beings from overseas to go to India. This will encompass dissemination and supplying of know-how of numerous studying in frequent human values, Vedic Maths, Yoga, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Indian languages and even “sacrosanct non secular regions” the recommendations states. The recommendations prescribe studying on archaeological websites and monuments, historical past of India, Indian literature, Indian sculpture, Indian track and dance forms, drama, visible and appearing arts, in conjunction with Indian Knowledge gadget. The UGC has indexed 46 “tentative areas” wherein the colleges can provide the publications. It consists of Indian way of life, Indian ethics or values, Indian track or dance, Indian folklore, Indian manuscript gadget, astrology, Indian rituals amongst others. Indian languages and literature like Kannada, Pali, Prakrit, Sanskrit, Malayalam, Bengali also are blanketed withinside the listing of publications. Based at the diploma of studying consequences and the rigor of the curricular shape of applicable disciplines, the direction may be provided at 3 awesome levels: introductory, intermediate and superior level. As in step with the recommendations, human beings from any united states having hobbies in Indian historical past and know-how gadget and who enrolled in such unique publications for obtaining know-how will be eligible for admission. The universities imparting such programmes are unfastened to determine unique eligibility conditions. In April, UGC had positioned draft recommendations for incorporating Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) in better training curriculum for public comments.

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