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Knowing how to stretch your legs A US guy spent $1.35 lakh to grow five inches taller.

An American man who had endured years of bullying because of his diminutive stature turned to two painful operations to extend his height by five inches. Moses Gibson, a 41-year-old man from Minneapolis, Minnesota, has always been self-conscious about his height. According to reports, in an effort to get taller, he even looked for a spiritual healer and tried a variety of drugs. But nothing worked, leaving surgery as his last remaining choice. He paid a total of Rs. 1.35 crore on the procedure. Moses is currently five inches higher than he was, and by the end of the month of June, he hopes to be 5 feet, 10 inches tall.

"I was never comfortable with my height, not even in high school. It started to influence me over time. The most of the time, I just didn't feel good about myself and was unhappy about it," he admitted.

Moses was able to save money for his treatment by working as an Uber driver at night and a software programmer during the day. During the 'painful' procedure last month, Moses' tibia and fibula bones were shattered, and magnetic, limb-lengthening nails were placed into those bones.

He is now required to use a height-lengthening gadget, which pulls the severed bone apart a millimetre at a time, three times every day. In order to fill the gap and reach his desired height, his body will be encouraged to generate new bone tissue.

Distraction is the term used by the NHS to describe the procedure. The leg bone is broken during surgery and stretched by fixing it to a specific frame, which enables new bone to grow in between the two damaged ends of the bone. This bone strengthens over time until it can sustain your weight. 

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