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IIT Roorkee launches new school of data science and artificial intelligence

IIT Roorkee has collaborated with Mehta family foundation from US, to start a new Mehta family school of data science and artificial intelligence.

The Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee has partnered with Mehta family foundation to start a new school in data science and AI known as Mehta family school of data science and artificial intelligence, as per a report from the Financial Express. The new school will provide bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programmes, and will welcome its first batch of bachelor’s degree students in September 2022, the report said. The aim of the school is to develop new and skilled manpower in the areas of data science and artificial intelligence, and empower existing manpower by offering focused training and certification in these areas, according to IIT Roorkee, the report said. The new school will be located in a new dedicated building on the campus of IIT Roorkee developed with support provided by the Mehta Family Foundation, the report said. Famous experts in the field of artificial intelligence, including professors Ananth Grama, Shankar Subramanium and Rajesh Gupta, will actively participate in designing the curriculum, faculty recruitment, monitoring and suggesting new research ideas to students of this school, the report added. 

As part of the project a smart energy management system and microgrid with battery energy storage will be created. Integrated Monitoring, Analytics and Control Center for systems ranging from energy assets to transport, water, and waste on the IIT Roorkee campus will also be established. The collaboration aims at developing opportunities for enhancement of competency in technology. The project is in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 11, and will aim to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. The project is expected to serve as a model for smart and sustainable cities and communities.

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