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Tata Punch Tech Review: Micro SUV With Affordable Tech

There really is something to be said about taking a digital detox. Or in my case, a default detox by way of slacking off/ ‘delegating’ most of the auto coverage to our newshound Amaan. I went into the press drive of the Tata Punch ‘micro’ SUV with little more than an idea of what it looked like. No estimates of size, no guesses of positioning or power output. Nothing. And what I received in return was a pleasant surprise – the best kind. As has become tradition, Tata organised the Mumbai press drive close to home, with easy access to highways and shoot locations. Except this time, it went all-out, with a full off-road demo track built to show off the capabilities of this plucky little SUV. Perspective: it’s 3.8 metres long, smaller than some hatchbacks, only front-wheel drive and uses a par-for-the-course naturally-aspirated petrol engine. What the heck was this off-road track about? Quite a bit, as I discovered.

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