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M Sc Statistics

Duration: 2 Years

To pursue M Sc in Statistics., the candidate must have a B Sc degree in Statistics or Mathematics or any equivalent degree in Statistics with Computer Applications


Statistics is one of the branches of Mathematics that involves collecting and analyzing data and using the outcomes of analysis to drive business decisions. Master of Science in statistics is a postgraduate degree in the field of Statistics. Some universities also offer the course through distance learning. Students who are eager to develop the solutions to challenging problems using Mathematics and Statistics must opt for this program. The course is available as both a full-time program and a part-time program.

The syllabus involves basic statistics, probability theory, and computer fundamentals. The basic expectation from candidates is to possess numerical and analytical skills, the ability to work with numbers comfortably, analysis of trends and patterns, use statistics to gather information from complex data and assessing the results to infer causes of problems or recommend ideas to solve those problems or both.

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